From the opening strains of ìAs You Sleep,î itís evident that So Cal rockers Something Corporate are headed for a more mature sound. Their trademark piano sound is not only evident on their sophomore album, North, itís prevalent. Itís like theyíve moved on from being a guitar band with a Ben Folds influence to wanting to take over the mantle of the new Ben Folds, with added bonus guitars. The thing is, though, these kids can write some tunes. First single ìSpace,î is super catchy, the driving ìShe Paints Me Blueî manages to get you singing along from the first listen and the rockingest song on the album, ìOnly Ashes,î gets rifftastic like No Motiv or early Juliana Theory. The heartstring pullers are present, as well, in numbers like ìRuthlessî and ìMiss America,î both of which sound like the soundtracks to high school girlsí lives. They may have made a move to shift their fanbase to the XX chromosome side of the field, but there are worse things that being thought of as a band that is big with the ladies.

Something Corporate