Chutes Too Narrow

If you had to pick one band as the indie darlings of the year, youíd probably in the end have to give the crown to The Shins. Theyíre buzzing like a hive of hornets, they out-merched everyone except for Sonic Youth at All Tomorrowís Parties in LA, theyíve just been added to MTV2 (the first Sub Pop artist added ever) and their new album, Chutes Too Narrow had the best out-of-the-box sales performance in the history of the label. But what does that say about the album, you say? Plenty. This is a truly great record. Mixing influences from ë60s garage pop, to ë70s singer/songwriters to ë80s indie rock, Chutes Too Narrow is all over the place, but strap in, because itís a great ride. ìKissing The Lipless,î ìSo Says I,î ìFighting In A Sack,î itís almost impossible to pick a best track. But one thing is sure about this Albuquerque quartet: theyíre indietastic! Theyíre also really fucking good.

The Shins
Sub Pop

Chutes Too Narrow