Live-My Red Cell, Ludes, Future Kings Of Spain & Koreans Rock London

Iíve been so damned busy lately that last night was only the second night since October 20 that I had gone to a gig. So, to make up for it, I saw four bands in one go. The New World Disorder Tour hit London last night, in perfect time for the oh-so-wondrous visit of our head muppet, George W. The tour featured My Red Cell, Ludes and Future Kings Of Spain, with local support in each town. Chinese punk act Hang On The Box was supposed to be on the tour, but with song titles like ìAsshole, Iím Not Your Babyî and ìFor Some Stupid Cunts At 'BBS',î the Chinese government denied their Visa request as they were an "inappropriate portrayal of Chinese culture." Damn. That might have been fun. So, in their spot instead were local boys The Koreans.

The gig was at the Bar at the Islington Academy. The Academy is a big venue, but they have a separate small venue they call the Bar. The main venue was hosting a gig by, I shit you not, Molly Hatchett. Those rednecks are still around? So confusing. Off to my gig insteadÖcontrary to their name, The Koreans were four white guys from London. As you will see when you receive Player .048, theyíre an exciting up and coming act. Each band played abbreviated 30-minute sets and by the time The Koreansí was done, they had played songs with one guitar and keyboard, one guitar and an acoustic, and two guitars. That makes for a highly varied sound, as you can imagine, but the standout track was the one youíll hear in December, ìKeep Me In Your Mind.î Remember where you heard about them first.

Next on the bill were Irish noise merchants Future Kings Of Spain. The Kings are also Player veterans, with their tune ìYour Starlightî having appeared on Player .044. Sadly, thatís their best song and the rest of their time on stage was spent being too shouty and trying their best to ape Biffy Clyro. Poorly. NEXT! London boys Ludes took the stage to a full room and didnít disappoint with their Coral-meets-The Libertines sound. I actually had told their label that they reminded me of The Coral if they took hard drugs instead of just smoking weed. Skiffle, punk, and rock influences are all in evidence and the frontman and lead guitarist look every inch the 2003 rock stars. Something is bubbling under here for sure.

The final band for the evening were Welsh rockers My Red Cell. Theyíve been thrown in with a group of upwardly mobile UK bands right now and been dubbed the Brat Pack by the NME. Inked to V2 records, this quartet can fire up the guitars and the gravelly vocals in a hurry. Heavily influenced by the first punk movement, they are a whirlwind of riffs and punk energy. And another thing you can say for sure about MRC is that they are gamers. Guitarist Adam Cook played the gig sitting in a chair because he had been hit by a car the night prior! Now THATíS rock & roll.

Live-My Red Cell, Ludes, Future Kings Of Spain & Koreans Rock London