The Great Test

Sometimes you just want the rock. You just need the rock. You just HAVE TO rock. And when itís one of those times, you could do far, far worse than reaching for Hundred Reasons. The Aldershot, Surrey-based five-piece have stormed back onto the scene with the first single from their new record. ìThe Great Testî is a taster of things to come from their second longplayer, which drops in February on Columbia. And if this is just a taste, expect your mouth to explode come next year. Frontman Colin ís telltale tones jump in from the very beginning of the song, gruffly hovering over the chunky guitars and dynamic percussion. As anyone who picked up their amazing 2002 debut, Ideas Above Our Station or saw their scorching set at SXSW last year can tell you, these kids can bring the rock with the best of them. Plus, ìThe Great Testî clocks in at under two-minutes, so you can listen to it twice in the time it would normally take you to hear one song. Twice the pleasure!

Hundred Reasons

The Great Test