Steal Your Cool

Not a whole lot of reviews around here of unsigned bands, so when there is one, chances are the act is pretty special. Revcounter definitely fits that bill. This five-piece is the rarest of species: a band that combines a riff-heavy rock sound with a fashion sense normally reserved for bands with a much softer vibe. Imagine Ian Astbury of The Cult fronting a band that combines the sounds of Foo Fighters and the criminally neglected Prime STH and youíre close to understanding the sonic fury of Revcounter. But looking at them, youíd think you were watching The Tindersticks. Itís a great dichotomy and one that suits the Londoners perfectly. ìSteal Your Coolî is a high-octane affair, all revved-up riffs and full-throttle vocals. Add to that the fact that I heard ìStealî this weekend on UK television and all signs point to Revcounter merging onto the highway of the signed bands in no time flat.

Solar Creations

Steal Your Cool