Baby Boom

Crazy Welsh lot, The Crimea. Now named after a region of the Ukraine between the Black Sea and Sea of Azov, the band were formed from the ashes of The Crocketts, an act inked to V2 and named after frontman Daveyís nom de plume. Theyíre all about changing names, though, as this single was initially dubbed ìFred Flintstoneî in its demo days and was thankfully renamed ìBaby Boom.î Donít let all the naming shenanigans throw you off, though; this is a wonderfully fragile and dreamy affair. Heavy on the effect pedal, the guitar soars and swoops throughout the song, its melody drilling into your brain on numerous occasions. And who can fault lyrics about wanting to get all sauced up and make like Paris Hilton? Although, the rest of the lyrics wonít go over too hot in the States, we can just blame their indigenous ignorance on being from Wales. Everyone else blames Wales, why canít we?

The Crimea
Boobytrap Records

Baby Boom