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Super Bowl Half Time Show Goes Teeny Bopper, Courtesy Of MTV

Remember the 2001 Super Bowl halfime show when Steven Tyler and Justin Timberlake had that uncomfortably odd "dance off" and Britney showed up wearing socks on her arms? Me neither. But in any case, that is what beer guzzling, nacho eating football fans will be in for again this year when MTV takes another stab at producing the Super Bowl halftime show. "We plan on even more unexpected music performancesÖ that will go down in halftime history," MTV pres Van Toffler said in a statement. Performers have yet to be announced , but maybe if we're lucky Hilary Duff and G-Unit will do a duet with a surprise appearance by the Newlyweds Jessica Simpson and Nick what's-his-face. In reality, the halftime shows are always pretty lame and at least we know MTV will make it somewhat entertaining. They are gong to have some stiff competition from the Lingerie Bowl though. It's a pay-per-view event where models dressed in lingerie play full contact tackle football that will cost $19.95 and will air during halftime of the 2004 Super Bowl. Hmm, $19.95 divided 10 or 12 waysÖ I think I've made my decision.

Super Bowl Half Time Show Goes Teeny Bopper, Courtesy Of MTV