Black Crowes, STP, GN'R Members Form Supergroup

Robert and Deann DeLeo
and Eric Krets of Stone Temple
Pilots, former Black Crowes
frontman turned solo artist Chris
Robinson and possibly a former member
of Guns N' Roses have united their
rock powers to formÖ (dramatic pause) a new
supergroup. The New York Post
reports that with all of their respective bands
either on extended hiatus or dissolved
entirely, these rockers needed a creative outlet
and an excuse to get out of the house. Not to
be confused with the Velvet Revolver
, the other GNR/STP amalgamation, this
new Robinson-fronted, yet-to-be named band
is only in its infancy and has no tour or album
release plans to speak of. Velvet Revolver on
the other hand, will release its highly
anticipated debut this spring and is working
on a Europe, Asia, and US tour schedule. We'll
keep you posted as new details arise, or as
other "supergroups" pop up.

Black Crowes, STP, GN'R Members Form Supergroup