VAST Returns From The Great Blue Yonder

Itís been a while since weíve heard from Northern Californiaís VAST. The one-man band that is Jon Crosby released two albums from Elektra, 1998ís Visual Audio Sensory Theater
and 2000ís Music For People but then was dropped and has floated about, exploring his craft and releasing music on the Internet. Heís been recently inked to Carson Daly and Jonathan Rifkindís 456 Entertainment and is prepared to release his third album, but the label's first offering, Nude, on February 24. Culled from some of the tracks previously for sale on the Internet, Nude features 12-tracks and if you hurry to the stores quick enough, youíll be rewarded with a treatî the first 2500 CDs are autographed!

The tracklisting for VASTís Nude:


ìThrown Awayî

ìDon't Take Your Love Awayî

ìBe With Meî


ìWinter in My Heartî

ìI Need To Say Goodbyeî

ìJapanese Fantasyî



ìI Can't Say No (To You)î

ìDesert Gardenî

VAST Returns From The Great Blue Yonder