Sex, Crime and Rock & Roll ñ on the set of Elefantís "Misfit"

"Tell me your name, tell me your story, cause Iím into it," begins the chorus to Elefantís next single, "Misfit." Filmed on Saturday at Broadway Stages in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this line provided the inspiration for the Adam Levite-directed (Associates in Science) video. Dark, sexy, but with danger just below the surface, Elefant seemed completely at home in the world created in the "Misfit" video.

When I first arrived at the shoot, at about 10:30 in the morning, Elefant was on an elevated stage/catwalk, filming the performance portion of the video. Stark and gorgeous lighting kept the band in shadows through the first verse, but as the chorus kicked in, washes of pink, gold, green and blue flashed on the back screen while the band remained sexily shadowed in front.

Sexy enough before lunch, but with the afternoon came the models. As the "Misfit" video treatment centers on the line: "Tell me your name, tell me your story," the stories given in the video revolve around four women who are "obviously models" and who have "spent a night doing drugs and getting into serious troubleÖthey seem pissed off, nerves frayed, as if the drugs are beginning to wear off." The reason the girls are so angry is that even though singer Diego Garcia insists heís "into it," he sounds bored, and he and the rest of the band ignore them. Or at least they are trying to, but as bassist Jeffrey James Barral told the scantily clad models, that was next to impossible.

They tell their stories, pout, scream, seductively dance out their crime, and, naturally, strut a runway. And with all this acting out, things were bound to get steamy. Petra Nemcova, best known for her cover of Sports Illustratedís Swimsuit Issue in 2003, as a graffiti artist wore a clear plastic raincoat over a revealing swimsuit and spent much of her shoot-time wet. Singer Diego Garciaís girlfriend, Liliana Dominguez, currently looming over Times Square on a Leviís billboard, writhed on the floor as a reckless driver. Amy Weston, cover-girl for Smashing Pumpkinsí Adore, seduced the camera while lying on her back as a pickpocket temptress.

If the final product is anything like what we were seeing during the day, Elefant have a sophomore video as sexy and engaging as George Michaelís "Freedom."

Sex, Crime and Rock & Roll ñ on the set of Elefantís "Misfit"