Fierce Panda Celebrates 10 Years Of Breaking Bands

Itís hard to believe itís been ten years of Fierce Panda records, but it has. The UK indie label started by ex-NME journo Simon Williams and best known for one-off singles, many times featuring big bands before they break or are signed by a major (past Fierce Panda singles include early works by Coldplay, Idlewild, Supergrass, Ash, and Placebo), will celebrate its decade of existence with a retrospective CD. Decade: Ten Years Of Fierce Panda will feature all of the bands listed above, as well as Hundred Reasons, Lo-Fidelity Allstars, The Music, Death Cab For Cutie, and 2003 buzz band Keane, whose debut album will drop this year in the States via Interscope. Check the full tracklisting below and visit your fave import retailer to support a truly great indie label.

Tracklisting for Decade: Ten Years Of Fierce Panda:

Ash - ìPunkboyî

Supergrass - ìCaught By The Fuzzî

The Bluetones - ìNo. 11î

Placebo - ìBruise Pristineî

Kenickie - ìCome Out 2niteî

3 Colours Red - ìThis Is My Hollywoodî

Embrace - ìAll You Good Good Peopleî

Lo-Fidelity Allstars - ìDiamonds Are Foreverî

Idlewild - ìChandelierî

Seafood - ìPorchlightî

Coldplay - ìBrothers & Sistersî

Hundred Reasons - ìCerebraî

Bright Eyes - ìArienetteî

Easyworld - ìHundredweightî

The Music - ìTake The Long Road And Walk Itî

Polyphonic Spree - ìSoldier Girlî

Winnebago Deal - ìManhuntî

Six By Seven - ìBochum (Light Up My Life)î

Death Cab For Cutie - ìTiny Vesselsî

Keane - ìThis Is The Last Timeî

Fierce Panda Celebrates 10 Years Of Breaking Bands