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Art Garfunkel Arrested For Smoking A Doobie

Giving new meaning to the phrase "hazy shade of winter," songwriting legend Art Garfunkel was arrested over the weekend in upstate New York for marijuana possession. The 62-year-old man was partaking in a few tokes of Mary Jane (I think that's what they called it back in his day) in the back of a limousine when it was pulled over for speeding in Hurley, NY, 55 miles southwest of Albany. The AP reports that state police Capt. Louis Barbaria, Jr. smelled the sweet smoke of hydroponic blueberry buds coming from the limo as he approached it. Realizing that the grandfather in the back seat of the limo was a menace to society and was endangering the lives of other motorists by being nowhere near the driver or steering wheel, trooper Barbaria slapped some cuffs on the music legend and hauled him "downtown."

Garfunkel is now scheduled to appear in court on January 28. He can also respond by mail or have a lawyer appear for him to take care of the $100 fine he faces. Does this whole thing seem like a waste of time to anyone else?

PS: The Tripwire in no way encourages the smoking of marijuanaÖ unless you share.

Art Garfunkel Arrested For Smoking A Doobie