Nightfreak & The Sons Of Becker

The kids in The Coral are quite the prodigious youth. Since July of 2002, theyíve released their self-titled debut, followed it up a year (almost to the day) later with Magic & Medicine, and now have dropped a limited-edition mini-album called Nightfreak & The Sons Of Becker. This offering finds the Liverpudlian stoner army toning down their psychedelic freakouts just a touch and providing a slightly more straight ahead album. Thatís not to say the sea shanty sound isnít in evidence, itís just tempered on tracks like ìI Forgot My Nameî and ìAuntieís Operation.î There are even shades of a poppier new direction on ìGrey Harpoonî and ìMigraine,î while a Super Furry Animals vibe is present on ìVenom Cableî and ìPrecious Eyes.î

And how did the band name the album? Frontman James Skelly said, ìWe're Boris Becker's illegitimate sons, travelling round the world to get money off him. We're coming back to get the pay-off that we deserve!î Load another bowl, boys. Load another bowl.

The Coral

Nightfreak & The Sons Of Becker