The Third Time Is A Charm, Billy Corgan To Release Solo Album

Former Smashing Pumpkins and
Zwan frontman Billy Corgan
has begun work on what will be his first
solo album since the disbandment of the two
aforementioned bands. According to
Rolling Stone Corgan jested, "some
would argue that it's not my first, and I
wouldn't argue with you there." Corgan later
continued saying, "I am excited to work on this
music, because for the first time in my life it
will be my tunes with no compromises to
anyone or anything. It's going to be loud and
beautiful and poetic and dumb. Just the way I
like it."

After returning to their roots and playing their
last show at Chicago's Metro Theater in late
2000, Corgan dismantled Smashing Pumpkins.
He then formed Zwan along with former
Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy
Chamberlin, Papa M guitarist
David Pajo, Chavez axeman Matt Sweeney, and A Perfect Circle bassist/vocalist,
Paz Lenchantin. Zwan released one
album, Mary Star Of The Sea. The
band broke up last fall, with Corgan lamenting
that "band members viewed it as something
that they could decide to do or not to

After the demise of Zwan, Lenchantin joined
forces with Papa M. The group with be
embarking on a tour with the yeti dressing,
Super Furry Animals in February, as
well as releasing Six (the next in its
numerical singles series) in March and Hole
Of Burning Alms
(a collection of singles
from 1995 to 2000) in February.

As for Corgan's future endeavors, he plans to
turn in a book of poetry for publication in
addition his solo debut.

The Third Time Is A Charm, Billy Corgan To Release Solo Album