Another Bjork Box On The Way?

After a slew of greatest hits releases, a DVD and the Family Tree box set in late 2002 and 2003, Icelandic pop princess Bjork is planning the release of a singles package. Bjork's Singles Box Set will hit shelves in April through Elektra and will include material from 19 single releases. According to Billboard, the box will feature every single, mix and white label combined into one package. The design firm Me Company has been tapped to design the new collection. I checked out their website, and it is incredibly creative. The site offers a number of oddly-interesting wallpapers as free downloads in case you're looking to freshen up your desktop.

The Singles:

"Hum An Behaviour"

"Venus As A Boy"

"Big Time Sensuality"

"Violently Happy"

"Army Of Me"


"It's Oh So Quiet"


"Possibly Maybe"

"I Miss You"




"Alarm Call"

"All Is Full Of Love"

"Hidden Place"

"Pagan Poetry"


"It's In Our Hands"

Another Bjork Box On The Way?