Weezer Live Reunion Of Sorts; DVD & CD Reissue Also On Tap

There was much happiness in Weezerland over the weekend as news leaked out that frontman Rivers Cuomo and estranged bassist Matt Sharp were not only back on speaking terms, but that Cuomo joined Sharp on stage for some songs. The two joined forces at a Sharp gig on the Cal State Fullerton campus on February 12. Two Weezer songs were unveiled at the acoustic performance, ìSay It Ainít So,î and, as an unexpected encore, ìUndone ñ The Sweater Song.î Could this mean further collaborative efforts between the one-time bandmates? That concept sure looks closer today than it did a few months back.

Speaking of the fine boys in Weezer, come March 23, itís gonna be a Weezer free-for-all at the record shop. Not only is there a DVD on tap, but the band is reissuing their eponymous debut, with bonus material tacked on for 10-year anniversary good measure. The DVD will contain all the bandís videos, from ìUndone ñ The Sweater Songî and ìEl Scorchoî up through videos from their 2002 album, Maladroit, like ìDope Noseî and ìKeep Fishiní.î Also included will be behind the scenes looks at the band and live material. The CD bonus material is more of the same, with live takes of album tracks and other hard to find nuggets.

Weezer DVD tracklisting:

ìUndone - The Sweater Songî

ìBuddy Hollyî

ìSay It Ainít Soî

ìEl Scorchoî (directors cut)

ìThe Good Lifeî

ìPink Triangleî (home made, no budget)

ìHash Pipeî

ìIsland In The Sunî (directed by Marcos Siega)

ìIsland In The Sunî (directed by Spike Jonze)


ìDope Noseî

ìKeep Fishiníì

ìSlobî (low budget)

ìUndone - The Sweater Songî (alternate version)

"Weezer Goes To NY: The Making of The Blue Album"

ìIn The Garageî (live)

ìJamieî (live)

ìBuddy Holly Newsî

ìSactionî (spring 1995 tour)

ìSay It Ainít Soî (B-roll version)

ìSay It Ainít Soî (live from The Dave Letterman Show)

"Weezer Goes To Van Nuys: The Making of Pinkerton"

ìEl Scorchoî (live)

ìThe Good Lifeî (B-roll version)

ìPink Triangleî (live and acoustic)

ìMykel and Carliî (live)

ìMy Brainî (live)


"Stoopid Fresh" (Green Album preparations)

"How Not To Do An Interview"

ìDope Noseî (B-roll version)

ìEurotrashî (2002 tour action)

ìTake Controlî (live)

ìFall Togetherî (pre-show warm-ups)

ìProdigy Loverî (demo session)

Weezer Live Reunion Of Sorts; DVD & CD Reissue Also On Tap