Billy Corgan Reveals The Truth About Pumpkins Breakup

Former Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan frontman-turned solo artist Billy Corgan has posted an interesting statement on his official website today. It starts out talking about his new cats, named Miss Sami and Mr. Thom Cat, which I find it hard to believe anyone cares about, but then out of nowhere he says, "I am going to share some things with you that you have never heard me sayÖ that doesn't mean that I'm rewriting history, that means that I'm going to tell you the truth about who I am and what I believe in my heart." He continues to say that it wasn't his idea at all to break up the band, as is widely thought.

"It's been almost 4 years since I went on my friend Tami's radio show and announced that the Pumpkins were breaking up. That day, when she asked me why we were breaking up, I said something silly like, 'I'm tired of fighting Britney blah blah' Öand it went on to be widely quoted, as if I was breaking up my love, my band, because of some pop star."

He continues, "By saying that I was seen as someone who was crying foul, taking his ball, and going homeÖ which was sad because it wasn't true at all. The truth of the matter is that James Iha broke up the Smashing Pumpkins, not me, not Jimmy, James."

Corgan goes on to say that D'arcy being fired due to drug addiction and her refusal to seek help put a serious strain on the band, but that she didn't break them up. Even though it broke their hearts, the band continued on.

"D'arcy didn't break up the band, we didn't let herÖ and Jimmy didn't want to break up the band, not at that timeÖ and I would have gone on forever. The Smashing Pumpkins were essentially my entire lifeÖ a dream I still believe in. Many friends at that time suggested letting James leave, so Jimmy and I could continue on under the nameÖ but I was too loyal to the man I had started the whole thing with, and I protected him until the very endÖ right up until the last show on Dec 2, 2000, when he thanked D'arcy on stage, but not the 2 men standing next to himÖ and I was loyal until he left the Metro without even saying goodbye, or an 'it's been great boys!', or a simple 'I love you' to us. No, James Iha left the Metro that night without saying goodbye to the 2 people he had won and lost and traveled the world withÖ so I won't be protecting him anymoreÖ and I won't be protecting a whole lot of other people anymore."

Corgan continues to thank his fans for reading this long letter and to say that he does not regret hiding the truth all these years. So there you have it. James Iha is to blame. Let's get him! Just kidding - geez, relax.

Billy Corgan Reveals The Truth About Pumpkins Breakup