America's Youth/Artists Get Involved With Music For America

If the Iowa caucuses (where youth participation nearly quadrupled that of 2000) are any indication, America's youth are beginning to take an active role in the political process in an effort to create change. Music For America is an organization that has been created to ensure the voice of these young Americans will be heard and taken seriously in the 2004 presidential elections. Music For America is a peer-to-peer, decentralized, youth mobilization effort that is using the music community as a gateway for rousing, enlightening and empowering American youth to join the political process. The organization is bringing their message into live music venues and online forums, the spaces where young people are spending more and more time and where they're most likely to get involved in political dialogue.

"Playing in clubs and venues across America, bands have a natural congregation to communicate with youth about issues that affect them. That's why joining forces to raise awareness through MfA's Super Tuesday shows seems like an easy and effective way to help make change happen this year," says Nirvana's Krist Novoselic, an MfA Advisor Board member.

MfA is sponsoring concerts and cultural events all across America which all share the common elements of music, voter registration, voter education, and opportunities for political dialogue and participation. The most important perhaps are the Super Tuesday shows that Krist referred to above. During the weekend of February 28, MfA will sponsor a series of larger events in key cities just days before the Super Tuesday primaries. Each city's locally-based coalition of volunteers will be present at these shows, talking with and educating their peers, registering voters and expanding MfA's ranks.

For more information on Music For America or a D.I.Y. kit to help organize events yourself, visit the MfA webiste. Look below for a list of currently scheduled MfA concerts.

02.25.04 - Cleveland,?OH (Guster @ Agora Theatre and Ballroom)

02.25.04 - Cincinnati,?OH (Pennywise and Guttermouth @ Bogarts)

02.25.04 - PoughKeepsie,?NY (Ziggy Marley w/ Michael Franti The Chance Theater)

02.25.04 - Baltimore,?MD (The Mr. T Experience @ Talking Head)

02.25.04 - Los Angeles,?CA (The Stills @ Troubadour)

02.25.04 - Seattle,?WA (Black Heart Procession, Mike Johnson, Tiffany Anders @ Chop Suey)

02.25.04 - San Francisco,?CA (Denali, The Velvet Teen, Dios, Heavenly States/Noise Pop @ Bottom of the Hill)

02.26.04 - Burlington,?VT (Raisin Hill /w NBFB @ Nectar's)

02.26.04 - Columbus,?OH (The LadyFest Comedy Extravaganza @ Little Brothers)

02.26.04 - New Haven,?CT (Living Colour @ Toads Place)

02.26.04 - Providence,?RI (Youth Slam @ AS220)

02.26.04 - Seattle,?WA (Modest Mouse @ Showbox)

02.26.04 - San Diego,?CA (Sage Francis @ Canes Bar & Grill)

02.26.04 - New York City,?NY ( The Casualties @ Knitting Factory)

02.26.04 - Cleveland,?OH (Tim Kinsella with Love of Everything and Make Believe @ Grog Shop)

02.26.04 - Atlanta,?GA (Mike Patton (Fantomas, Tomahawk) and Rahzel (Roots) @ The Echo)

02.26.04 - San Francisco,?CA ( The Station Cherry Bar)

02.27.04 - Providence, RI (The Digs w/ Electra Complex and The Traps @ AS220)

02.27.04 - Cleveland,?OH (BR549, Robbie Fulks, Hayshaker Jones (The Beachland Ballroom)

02.27.04 - New York,?NY (Soulive with Reggie Watts @ Bowery Ballroom)

02.27.04 - Los Angeles,?CA (Blackalicious, Lyrics Born, Mr. Lif, Abstract Rude & Support: Saul Williams - MC/Host @ (Henry Fonda Theater)

02.27.04 - BearsVille,?NY (Steve Kimoch Band @ BearsVille Theatre)
02.27.04 - Columbus,?OH (The Party Of Helicopters, Miranda Sound, Silencio @ Little Brothers)

02.27.04 - Hollywood,?CA (Sage Francis @ The Troubadour)

02.27.04 - Oakland,?CA (KRS-1 @ Historic Sweets Ballroom)

02.27.04 - San Francisco,?CA (Folk Implosion, Mia Doi Todd, Citizens Here and Abroad, Alaska/Noise Pop @ Bottom of the Hill)

02.27.04 - Brooklyn,?NY (GZA of Wu-Tang Clan with Jedi Mind Tricks @ North Six)

02.27.04 - Madison,?OH (The End of the World and The Narrator @ Cellar Door)

02.28.04 - Hartford,?CT (Throne, Level 27 Fest @ Webster Theatre)

02.28.04 - New York,?NY (The Skatalities @ Knitting Factory)

02.28.04 - Buffalo,?NY (Robben Ford @ The Tralfamadore Cafe)

02.28.04 - Northampton,?MA (Michael Franti & Spearhead w/ Ziggy Marley @ Calvin Theater)

02.28.04 - North Haven,?CT (The Toasters @ North Haven Congregation)

02.28.04 - Providence,?RI (Neo 90s, Jerseyband, and more @ As220)

02.28.04 - Cleveland,?OH (Maggi, Pierce, And EJ w/ J.Glenn Band @ The Barking Spider)

02.28.04 - New York,?NY (Party 'n Politics: The Songwriter's Beat @ The C-Note)
02.28.04 - New York,?NY (Medeski, Martin & Wood, Marc Ribot, and Tarantula @ Bowery Ballroom)

02.28.04 - Cleveland,?OH (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ The Beachland Ballroom)

02.28.04 - Santa Cruz,?CA (Samba Da @ The Catalyst)

02.28.04 - Cambridge,?MA (Steve Kimock Band @ Middle East)

02.28.04 - Minneapolis,?MN (Dillinger 4 @ First Avenue)

02.28.04 - San Francisco,?CA (The Wrens, Dead Silence, Low Flying Owls, Communique @ Bottom of the Hill)

02.29.04 - New York City,?NY (Paul Green's School of Rock @ Knitting Factory)

02.29.04 - Columbus,?OH (The Flex Crew @ Little Brothers)

02.29.04 - Cleveland,?OH (Carlos Jones & the PLUS band @ The Barking Spider)

02.29.04 - Rochester,?NY (Robben Ford @Milestones)

02.29.04 - Cincinnati,?OH (Haircuts That Hurt @ Top Cats)

02.29.04 - Cambridge,?MA (De La Soul, 4th Pyramid, Zonk @ Middle East Downstairs)

02.29.04 - Toledo,?OH (Rawkus My Caucus @ Headliners)

02.29.04 - Minneapolis,?MN (Pennywise @ The Quest Club)

03.02.04 - New York,?NY (Robben Ford @ B.B. King's Blues Club)

03.02.04 - Boston,?MA (Michael Franti & Spearhead w/ Ziggy Marley @ The Roxy)

America's Youth/Artists Get Involved With Music For America