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Sum 41 Sued For Baseball Game Prank

Canadian pop/punk pranksters Sum 41 have been slapped with a $6 million lawsuit after pelting a man with a hot dog during a baseball game. It's actually a bit worse than that. The band also taped the incident and, without the man's permission, included it on their 2002 DVD release Does This Look Infected. According to NME, the man who filed the suit is Michael Sudore, an owner of a home improvements business. The man reportedly learned of his starring role in the DVD when a client brought it to his attention. The reason for the exorbitant damage claim, according to Sudore's lawyer, is that his business has suffered and he has experienced trauma due to the incident. The band have yet to comment, but our imaginary legal expert Lawyer McSawyer expects the case to be settled out of court.

Sum 41 Sued For Baseball Game Prank