Chris Martin Exits Self-Imposed Exile For BBC Interview

Chris Martin and the rest of his Colplay cohorts have been is seclusion as of late, working on the follow-up to last year's A Rush Of Blood To The Head. However, this afternoon, Martin sat down for a rare interview with the BBC to discuss Fair Trade. It wasn't all politics though, as the Coldplay frontman did speak briefly about the band's forthcoming album and his affinity for the late Johnny Cash. Listen close, because the band is going to lay low for quite a while.

Martin told Simon Mayo of the BBC, "Between you and me this is the only time we are coming out of our shell at the moment to come and talk about Fair Trade and stuff. We really feel that we have to be away for a while and we certainly wonít release anything this year, because I think people are a bit sick of us and also we are trying to make the best thing that anyone has ever heard."

Martin also revealed his extreme admiration for the lat Johnny Cash saying, "He was someone who stood up for everybody and never got criticised for it, maybe because he lived it a lot more than people like me," he said "When youíre a musician you have to look up to those people. Heís my hero."

Martin actually wrote a song for Johnny Cash and spent some time in the studio with Rick Rubin, however, the music legend passed away before he was able to lend his vocals to the song.

Chris Martin Exits Self-Imposed Exile For BBC Interview