On The Road With The Ramones

ì1-2-3-4î - as the shows always began, so does this incredible book. You never knew what was going to happen behind the scenes at a Ramones show, but one thing you knew for sure, once they went on, the show would be as tight as ever. This is exactly what youíll find in the book On the Road With the Ramones, co-written by long time tour manager Monte A. Melnick and Frank Meyer.

The Ramones were the pioneers of punk and they paved the way for everyone else, including the Sex Pistols (The Ramones had two albums out before they released Never Mind The Bollocks and Sid Vicious used to worship Dee Dee Ramone). So what more can you ask for than an intimate behind the scenes exclusive day-by-day diary from the man who saw it all. Monte brings you into EVERYTHING that went on from girlfriend feuds to drug/drinking problems to the wear and tear of constant life on the road. Still, with all the problems, the band came first and it showed. With commentary from all band members, Monte and many others who were in the inner circle, this book clearly makes you the fifth Ramone.

Monte Melnick & Frank Meyer

On The Road With The Ramones