Bows & Arrows

It has been two years since The
Walkmen released their first LP,
Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is
, on Brooklynís StarTime
International (home of The French Kicks and The
Natural History). In that time, the band
has found a new home (Record Collection),
perfected their gritty art rock sound and
captured that perfection in the studio in the
form of Bows & Arrows. Singer
Hamilton Liethauserís vocals are
energetic and fiery, while at the same time,
induce a sense of despondent melancholy
reserved for heartbroken lovers and cynics.
These melodramatic vocals are mixed with
ambient guitar riffs, eerie organ, and layered
piano, all of which are built around syncopated
drumming that darts in and out of the mix at
seemingly random, yet perfect timing. These
different ingredients combine to create a
sound that is incredibly layered and full even
in what seem to be the simplest of songs.
Bows & Arrows contains a
combination of downtrodden tracks like ìHang
On Siobhan,î were Liethauser's unique voice
get only minimal accompaniment, and more
energetic offerings like ìThe Ratî and ìLittle
House of Savages,î were every instrument
meshes together to create a perfectly chaotic
sound. I loved Everyone Who Pretended To
Like Me Is Gone
and am even more taken
with Bows & Arrows. The Walkmen
have recorded a follow up record that shows a
clear and well thought out musical evolution
that will take this band to the next

The Walkmen
Record Collection

Bows & Arrows