Live - Courtney Love Ends Her NYC Visit With A Bang

What an eventful couple days in New York City for Ms. Courtney Love. David Letterman, central booking of the NYPD and Plaid nightclub all are feeling the wake of her presence here on the East Coast. Not since my sisterís first flute recital have I wanted to look away and pretend that I wasnít there but in turn watch to see her crash and burn.

After two hours of waiting for her to show up, Courtney comes out to screams and flash bulbs to say, ìIf any of you plans on getting injured tonight, please go outside and get arrested now.î Then says she will be back in five minutes and storms off. Finally, stumbling into the single from her latest record ìAmericaís Sweetheartî and not caring at all about the song, Courtney blurts out requests to many people on the stage for alcohol, guitars, clothes and cigarettes. At this point it seemed almost normal. I will set the stage for those of you still trying to picture this. There were close to 20 people on stage for the show all keeping Courtney in line. A Guitar tech, drum tech, wardrobe assistant, six band members, three-person TV crew, someone called Rabbi, three bouncers that were assigned to Courtney so she didnít get arrested again and three others on the side of the stage trying to pretend to be enjoying the show. Not a good way to start and it only got worse.

The set list was thrown out the window early on because of Courtneyís vocal problems and she decided on doing quieter songs. I would like to tell you what songs she played but it was almost not the show. Her rants about the NYPD, microphone stands, Julian from The Strokes, Pearl Jam, Kurt Cobain and her daughter were what people there were to see. Sure, the fans sang with her on ìMalibuî, ìMiss Worldî and others, but after a couple nervous breakdowns, (complete with crying) you wondered if playing anymore helped.

At the after-show for friends and family, it ended up being the complete opposite, with MTVís Kurt Loder interviewing everyone in sight. Fans were getting autographs and members of the band were explaining the previous and current nights of the Ms. Love debauchery. I left the Bowery Ballroom to be greeted with a March snow shower, an ambulance, two limos and TV trucks out front - an indication all eyes were on this show that night. A quick glance by the paparazzi to see who I was or wasnít and it was back to reality.

I had a great time though, to be honest. At times the band was just having a good time and being what rock bands are supposed to do. After one song in the set, Courtney turns to drummer Samantha Maloney and asks if this show is bad. Samantha says, ìItís not rowdy enough.î Switching clothes with a fan, smoking, crowd surfing, letting kids up on stage constantly showed that she wanted to be loved that night. New York City definitely opened their arms last night to Courtney Love. Rest assured though, she flew back this morning to LA. New York City is once again safe and quiet.

Photos by Drew Goldberg

Source: Tom Mullen

Live - Courtney Love Ends Her NYC Visit With A Bang