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Panic Movement

When you think of hotbeds of band activity, Atlanta isnít always the first city off your lips. Especially when discussing a band that got signed in the UK before the US. However, it happened once before in that town, with 1993ís Hollyfaith, signed to Alan McGeeís Creation Records and now with The Hiss, who inked to a Polydor imprint started by UK music journalist James Oldham, before having the album drop this week in the States on Sanctuary. Panic Movement is produced by Owen Morris, of Verve and Oasis fame, and not only does he only get involved with quality acts, but those influences permeate through the album. The Hiss are a rather special bunch, fusing garage rock energy and guitar tones with Britpop hooks and song structure. Imagine a leather-wearing American Oasis jamming with The Verve and youíre in the right ballpark. From the album opener, ìClever Kicks,î which resonates with punked-out Oasis vibes to the BRMCtastic ìTriumph,î and along to the riffalicious ìRiverbed,î these southern youths have tunes by the barrelful and attitude to match. Theyíve already lost one band member, just during the recording of their album. Theyíre rock & roll to the core and with any luck, theyíll be bringing their traveling circus to a venue near you shortly so you can bask in the glory that is The Hiss.

The Hiss
Sanctuary Records

Panic Movement