The World To Get The New PJ Harvey Before We Do

PJ Harvey's highly-anticipated (to say the least) new album, Uh Hu Her, has been given an international release date of May 17, according to the artist's website. However, there is no word whatsoever about the album's domestic release, and that makes me sad. According to Billboard, Harvey played the majority of the instruments of the record and handled all of the songwriting, so whatever the outcome is, it's all Polly Jean. As previously reported, Harvey has a few big festival gigs scheduled for the summer, including performances at Glastonbury and T in the Park in the UK and the Primavera Festival in Barcelona. There are still no details about a full-fledged tour or any US tour dates, so basically we're just getting screwed. Bummer. Maybe she's pissed at us for dragging England into our war on terrorism. Who knows?

Uh Hu Her Track Listing

"The Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth"


"Who the Fuck?"

"The Pocket Knife"

"The Letter"

"The Slow Drug"

"No Child of Mine"

"Cat on the Wall"

"You Come Through"

"It's You"

"The End"

"The Desperate Kingdom of Love"

"The Darker Days of Me & Him"

The World To Get The New PJ Harvey Before We Do