Steve-O And Chris Pontius Get "Wild" On Canadian Airwaves

The entire Dean Blundell Show team, a morning show on CFNY-FM, Toronto, has been suspended without pay after Jackass co-stars Chris Pontius, Steve-O and Wee Man got out of control on the air. According to MTV News, the trio showed up at the station last Friday wearing only sweatpants. Prior to hitting the airwaves, the troop was warned by program director Alan Cross to abide by the broadcast guidelines (no cursing, graphic content, etc.). I'm pretty sure you don't need to be a psychic to figure out what happened next. Steve-O proceeded to drop F-bombs left and right while talking about how he hasn't gotten any action from the local ladies. They then got into all of this puppetry of the penis type shit, explaining how to perform "The Butterfly," "Unwrapping The Mummy" and the "Double Back." We won't get into any of the details, but lets just say that it would hurt, bad.

As things started to get out of hand, Cross ordered the interview to be stopped immediately, but was ignored. Security was eventually called in to physically remove Pontius and the gang. They got there just in time to watch Steve-O drop his pants and piss all over the studio.

The station apologized to their listeners and released a statements saying, "This was material inappropriate for radio. The members of the Dean Blundell Show are very aware of our programming policies. Because they didn't maintain control over the interview, because they clearly encouraged the on-air antics and because they didn't cut the interview when instructed to do so, Dean Blundell, Jason Barr and Todd Shapiro have all been suspended without pay effective immediately, [eh]"

Good thing that didn't happen in the States or they'd be paying six trillion dollars in fines to the FCC. I'm not really sure who's side to be on for this one. Freedom of speech rules, but pissing on someone's floor does not. You be the judge.

Steve-O And Chris Pontius Get "Wild" On Canadian Airwaves