Live - The Eagles Of Death Metal Soar At NYC's Mercury Lounge

As the Moustache Across America tour swung thru NYCís Mercury Lounge, I honestly had no idea what to expect. And that was for the best, as the unexepected is what we got. An Eagles of Death Metal show is more than a concert: it's a bonafide freak out. ?Add The Mini Bosses brand of gamer metal and you have a completely unique experience.

?The Mini Bosses opened their set with some wailing guitar solos layered with what else but... more and more solos. But after a few songs the tunes began to sound more and more familiar, these werenít your regular metal jams... These were Nintendo game theme songs! Imagine the Fucking Champs playing the themes from Zelda, Castlevania 2, and you just might get it. As the joke spread throughout the audience, the requested came raining down, but once they tore into ìMike Tysonís Punchoutî, it was ìgame over.î (Ha!)

But what at first seemed like an odd segue into a Queens Of The Stone Age side project, all fell into place once the Eagles of Death Metal took the stage. No matter what the pedigree or resume, the trio on stage came to first and foremost have fun. ?The band which includes Josh Homme on drums, Millionaireís Tim Van Hamel on lead guitar and Jesse Hughes on vocals for this project have been transformed from their usual selves into a Southern rock, classic rock dance rock barnstorming unit known by the monikers Mr. Babyduck, Timmy Tuck and The Devil respectively.

Obviously, not the most serious of all projects. ?But thatís what made the event, the music and the band, so damned exhilarating. ?For every second the EoDM were on stage everyone, especially the players, were having a ball. ?Whether it was the ubiquitous shout outs to ìall the ladies in the house,î or Van Hamelís live wire dancing and thunderous guitar slinging, or even the ìLetís hear it for the Eagles of Death Metal!î cry after each song, this band came to put on a show and make everyone both dance and smile. As they tossed in a riff-tastic cover of ìStuck in the Middle with You,î everyone gleefully knew that no one would leave the venue without a smile.

Source: Miguel Banuelos

Live - The Eagles Of Death Metal Soar At NYC's Mercury Lounge