Beasties Finalize Their Shout To The 5 Boroughs

After over five years since releasing their last record, the Beastie Boys are finally ready to unleash their new treats on the starving masses. To The 5 Boroughs is all completed and ready to hit shelves and jump up the charts. The record, the bandís sixth overall and first since 1998ís Hello Nasty, as is to be expected from a band so active in political causes, is rife with their opinions on George W. Bush and his cronies. The first single, according to Billboard, will be ìCh-Check It Out.î Look for 5 Boroughs, in all its 15-track glory, in stores this summer via Capitol and look further down for the tracklisting

"Ch-Check It Out"

"Right Right Now Now"

"The Hard Way"

"Time To Build"

"Rhyme the Rhyme Well"

"Triple Trouble"

"Hey Fuck You"

"Oh Word?"

"That It's That All"

"All Life Styles"


"An Open Letter to NYC"

"Crawl Space"

"The Brouhaha"

"We Got The"

Beasties Finalize Their Shout To The 5 Boroughs