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Somebody Told Me

I still canít believe this band wasnít put together in some underground lair by a madman wanting to take over the world, or by a legion of super villains who fly around in a giant head and land often in the swamp. I mean, if you have tunes as good as ìSomebody Told Meî by The Killers, you have to be robots or have sold your soul to the devil, right? Already a band of celebrity doppelgangers (each member of the band looks like another famous person: frontman Brandon Flowers resembles Henry Thomas of E.T., axeman David Keuning looks like Jason Patric circa The Lost Boys, four-stringer Mark Stoermer could be The Strokesí Nikolai Fraiture minus the McFly aspect and drummer Ronnie Vannucci IS George W. Bush, period) these Las Vegans are on the fast track to superstardom. A harder-edged, fleshed-out Duran Duran for 2004, ìSomebody Told Meî is a whirlwind of U2-like guitar, driving drums and synth stabs, with lyrics akin to Blurís ìGirls & Boys.î Throw it all together and you have one of the highlights of 2004. All hail the new pop assassins!

The Killers
Lizard King/IDJ

Somebody Told Me