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Live - The Raveonettes & The Hiss Darken The Rock Landscape In SF

Rock & roll was in the air. You could just feel it. Maybe it was just my rock spider sense tingling, but the feeling was definitely crackling ñ and with good reason. The Hiss and The Raveonettes were in town, the latter fitting in a show before their sold-out Thursday night show in support of The Strokes and the former also adding dates to their calendar before hitting the road opening up for Electric Six. and my feeling was correct, as both acts brought the rock in large doses, making sure to sprinkle in their own personal stamps on their respective sets.

Atlantaís Hiss took the stage first. The Hiss are one of those anomalies ñ a US band that got inked first in the UK. Signed to ex-NME man James Oldhamís Loog imprint on Polydor, the Hiss on album vibe like Oasis meets Jet meets a touch of Afghan Whigs, but live, itís all about the Southern dirt rock boogie. Evoking aspects of Led Zeppelin and kindred spirits Foghat and Molly Hatchet, the Hiss, led by dynamic frontman Adrian Barrera, fired through tracks from their debut, Panic Movement, which dropped two weeks ago in the States via Sanctuary. Major feedback, dueling guitars, big riffs, and dirty Southern rock were all present, with album tracks ìClever Kicksî and ìBack On The Radioî taking the prizes as top tunes of the night.

Dressed in black and white, the Danish sensations better known as The Raveonettes were then on stage and it didnít take long to get the crowd going, as they kicked straight into their biggest single to date, ìAttack OF The Ghost Riders.î The eye-catching duo of Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo were the stars, and they knew it, keeping the crowdís gaze for the entire evening. All the ë50s-influence, from the early rock & roll vibe and seeming obsession with The Wild Ones, through the bandís aural fixation with The Jesus & Mary Chain all came together perfectly in the live arena. The crowd was crazy for the Raveonettesí sound and they kept the pace and tempo up, livening up their show with tracks from both Chain Gang Of Love and first US mini-album, Whip It On. As to be expected, ìAttackî and ìThat Great Love Soundî were the most loudly appreciated, but the fans were into the whole set and all its dark, streetwise murkiness. Leather jackets, motorcycle gangs, and rock posturing: theyíre all back and in full effect.

Live - The Raveonettes & The Hiss Darken The Rock Landscape In SF