Elliott Smith's Final Album Due This Fall

Gary Smith, father of departed singer/songwriter Elliott Smith revealed some details surrounding the release of his son's last album in a letter to the fan site Sweetadeline.net. "We are beginning the final mixing and production phase in mid-may and are planning for a September or October release," He writes. "We will know the name of the label by the end of the month and I'll let you know just as soon as the final decision is made." According to Billboard, while Elliott Smith was signed to DreamWorks at the time of his death, he had reached an agreement with the label that would allow him to release the forthcoming album, From A Basement On The Hill, on an indie label of his choosing. He must have had the best lawyer on earth.

Some of the songs set for inclusion on the new release hint at the troubles Smith was dealing with - "Strung Out Again," "Shooting Star," "Let's Get Lost," "A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free" and "Fond Farewell."

In other news, Smith's family is currently working on a deal to sell his recording studio. Gary Smith explains the details:

"When the initial news about the studio sale was posted on the site, we had hopes that someone would come along, take it over and run it as Elliott might have envisioned. This was a good idea, but turned out to be ultimately unrealistic. We have had many wonderful responses from people who want to manage the space but do not have the financial means to keep it going. We have also had many inquiries from people who have been interested in purchasing pieces of studio equipment for their own use. We have decided that we can no longer attempt to keep it open as "Elliott's studio." In addition, we do not feel comfortable sellling it piece by piece. So, we are going to let a responsible music dealer find someone who is able to purchase the equipment for their own studio, and move it to a new space. Elliott's instruments will not be sold.

Elliott Smith's Final Album Due This Fall