Puddle Of Mudd, Live, Blues Traveler Gear Up For Rock And Racing

When I think of NASCAR, I think of the old Blues Brothers line, "Ma'am, what kind of music do you normally play here?" She replies, "Sugar, we play both kinds. Country and Western." Yes, it's true. Call me old fashioned, but when I think of NASCAR, I think of Billy-Joe and Bobby-Sue and any number of other two first name-having, four toothed, moonshine-making hillbillies from the mountains of Tennessee who drink Busch Light at 11am on a Wednesday afternoon while waiting for their unemployment check to arrive. But hey, I realize that's not the way it is anymore. NASCAR is fast becoming a phenomena, with everyone from concert promoters to the president of the United States trying to cash in. Like they did last season, Miller Lite will sponsor Rock and Racing, a series of trackside concerts throughout the summer at various racing events featuring the music of Live, Blues Traveler and Puddle Of Mudd. The series kick off will take place on May 1 in Fontana, CA, at the NASCAR Auto Club 500 and will feature a performance from Live.

Other scheduled events will take in place in Charlotte, NC, Indianapolis, and Chicago. So dust off your beer-guzzling hats and "I Love Jeff Gordon" T-shirts. NASCAR season is here! Check out the Rock and Racing schedule below.

05.01.04 - Fontana, CA (Live, NASCAR Auto Club 500)

05.22.04 - Charlotte, NC (Live; NASCAR Nextel All-Star Challenge)

05.27.04 - Indianapolis, IN (Blues Traveler; IRL's Carb Day)

07.09.04 - Chicago, IL (Puddle Of Mudd; July 11: NASCAR Nextel Cup Tropicana 400)

09.04.04 - Fontana, CA (TBD; Sept. 5: NASCAR Nextel Cup Pop Secret 500)

Puddle Of Mudd, Live, Blues Traveler Gear Up For Rock And Racing