Auf Der Maur, Adams, Iha, Dando Supergroup Rumors A Reality?

Rumors have been floating around about an Evan Dando, James Iha, Ryan Adams and Melissa Auf Der Maur supergroup called The Fucking Virgins for a couple years now. I think it was Adams who first spilled the beans to NME about the project during his Gold-era press conversations. With each of the four members busy doing their own thing though, the project was put on the back burner and not much has been said about it for quite some time - until now. Speaking with, Auf Der Maur said of the Virgins, "I hope to do it. Iíll probably have to be the ring leader to bring us together and do it at some point."

"We had this really amazing structure about how weíd bring the material in and everything would have to be written just in the studio and it would just be this really good, fun project," she says. "I imagine it would be somewhere between The Velvet Underground and the dreamy, trippy world of Spaceman 3 kind of thing, mixed with a bunch of schizophrenic people."

She continued: "Jesus, we had it all lined up there a few years ago," she says. "We had 10 days booked out in James Ihaís studio ready to go and then Gold hit it all big and Ryan disappeared for two years. And now Iím busy and James is busy in A Perfect Circle. I have a vision; I can hear that record in my head. What me, James, Ryan and Evan could do would be amazing ó especially as a one-off thing with no commitments, no heavy duty anything other than just in the studio. Oh, my God."

If anyone can make this happen, it's Auf Der Maur, the woman who managed to wrangle in Nick Oliveri, Josh Homme, Eric Erlandson, Jordan Zadorozny and host of other stars for her solo project.

"I really hope I can do it. Iíll get those boys together and do it. Theyíre all flighty and off in their other worlds for now, but once I get off my Auf Der Maur tour, I will summon them."

Keep your fingers crossed people. Who knows what kind of amazing rock masterpiece could emerge from a melding of these artistic, creative minds. It could be shit too, but either way, I'm curious.

Auf Der Maur, Adams, Iha, Dando Supergroup Rumors A Reality?