The Killers, Madlib Head Up Diesel-U-Music's Round Three Hopefuls

The finals of the Diesel-U-Music awards must be getting close, as the last round of nominees have now been announced. Topping the list of rock acts are The Killers, Cass McCombs and The Honorary Title, while Madlib and Jean Grae are amongst the nominees in the hip-hop category. The electronic acts include Telefon Tel Aviv, Her Space Holiday and Lansing-Dreiden. To refresh your memory Diesel-U-Music culls together (over three rounds) the best new acts in the rock, hip-hop, and electronic realms and the panel of industry insiders picks their favorite in each category. Those three acts play at the awards ceremony on May 13 at Splashlight Studios in New York City and then head out for a national tour, as well. To learn more or to read about the previous nominees, check out their site.


Cass McCombs

The Sights

Muy Romantico

Viva Voce

Adam Dugas

Death From Above

The Honorary Title

The features

The Killers


Jean Grae

Haul & Mason

Siren's Echo


Dudley Perkins


L Maestro PresentsÖ


DJ Nobody


Telefon Tel Aviv

Tyrone "Visionary" Palmer



Lisa Shaw

Pevin Everett


Her Space Holiday

Adventure Time

The Killers, Madlib Head Up Diesel-U-Music's Round Three Hopefuls