Suede's Anderson & Butler Recording Together Again

What had been mere hope for Suede fans (and had once been placed in the ìwhen hell freezes overî category, looks to be the current state of affairs: early Suede principals Brett Anderson and estranged guitar whiz Bernard Butler are again working together. The pair, who split up in 1994 after the recording of the bandís sophomore release, Dog Man Star, have written 15 songs together, according to a post left by Anderson on the bandís website. The duo, who are currently nameless, hope to record this summer with a release eyed for early 2005. Read further for the statement from the website.

ìFirstly I can confirm that me and Bernard are working together
again. Weíve written about fifteen songs so far and even though it's early days I
can honestly say that I believe the work to be up there with some of the
best things we've ever done. We have been rehearsing with a drummer and a bass player who will be part of our new band. I can't tell you what we will be called yet but it will
not be Suede or Anderson and Butler. We'll be entering a London studio to start recording in June so I'm hoping that you will hear something early next year.


Suede's Anderson & Butler Recording Together Again