Hopes And Fears

FINALLY. My favorite discovery of 2003, Keane, has released their debut full-length in America. For me, there are only a few new songs, but thatís because Iím a Keane beavis. For you, there is an entire album of lush, sweeping, piano-led anthems to lose yourself in. All the tracks on the album have been re-recorded, so even the super familiar songs have a new gloss. A record destined to be on many top-10s at the end of the year, Hopes And Fears continues along the tried and true Keane path, bouncy piano riffs serving as the backbone, with Tom Chaplinís choirboy vocals floating into the ether. The comparisons have been made, guitar-free versions of Coldplay, Radiohead, Travis, and Keane share some vocal similarities to those great acts, but the ties end there, as Keane are their own beast. ìSomewhere Only We Know,î
ìBend And Break,î ìEverybodyís Changing,î the singles are all here in their star scraping glory. New tracks like ìUntitled 1,î ìYour Eyes Open,î and ìWe Might As Well Be Strangersî more than hold their own against the already-released songs and the album is all tied together with the closer, ìBedshaped,î which IS the most heart-achingly beautiful song you will hear all year. Mark my words. Pick up Hopes And Fears and prepare to have a new favorite band for 2004.


Hopes And Fears