The Soviettes Release New Album, Hit The Road Next Month

On June 8th, girl-fronted punk rock quartet The Soviettes will drop their second album, appropriately titled LPII. Soon after, on June 13, the band will spread their punk love across the greater United States, kicking ass and taking names along the way. The tour will kick off with a record release party at First Avenue in Minneapolis, and currently scheduled dates run through the end of time (seemingly). According to the Adeline Records website, the Soviettes will be extending their red curtain of rock until August 14, but everything after a July 21 gig at Turf Club, back in St. Paul, MN, do not have venues firmed up yet.

Adeline will be shipping the record to commercial specialty radio outlets in the coming weeks, so programmers keep your eyes open for it. In the mean time, you check out their "Paranoia! Cha-Cha-Cha" on Fat's Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1 compilation. Check out the tour dates below.

06.13.04 - Minneapolis, MN (First Avenue)

06.17.04 - Madison, WI (High Noon Saloon)

06.18.04 - Chicago, IL (Fireside Bowl)

06.19.04 - Lansing, MI (TBA)

06.20.04 - Hamtramck, MI (Small's Bar)

06.21.04 - Cleveland, OH (Beachland Ballroom)

06.22.04 - Indianapolis, IN (Nag Champa)

06.23.04 - Iowa City, IA (TBA)

06.25.04 - Minneapolis, MN (GLBT Festival All Ages)

06.28.04 - Moorhead, MN (Ralph's Corner Bar)

06.29.04 - Sioux Falls, ND (Washington Pavillion)

07.01.04 - Colorado Springs, CO (32 Bleu)

07.02.04 - Denver, CO (TBA)

07.03.04 - Fort Collins, CO (TBA)

07.05.04 - Olympia, WA (TBA)

07.06.04 - Seattle, WA (Studio 7)

07.07.04 - Portland, OR (Twilight Cafe and Bar)

07.09.04 - San Francisco, CA (Thee Parkside)

07.10.04 - Albany, CA (Ivy Room)

07.11.04 - Berkeley, CA (924 Gilman)

07.12.04 - Bakersfield, CA (Jerry's Pizza)

07.13.04 - Anaheim, CA (Doll Hut)

07.14.04 - Los Angeles, CA (TBA)

07.15.04 - San Diego, CA (The Kensington)

07.16.04 - Phoenix, AZ (TBA)

07.18.04 - Oklahoma City, OK (TBA)

07.19.04 - Des Moines, IA (TBA)

07.21.04 - St. Paul, MN (Turf Club)

The Soviettes Release New Album, Hit The Road Next Month