Leave it to Fierce Panda to consistently suss out the best new talent. From Coldplay to Keane to Ash and Supergrass, the North London-based label has always had its finger on the pulse. And theyíve found another keeper in Atlantic Dash. This quintet from Northampton have released their debut mini album, Human Error, and itís seven songs worth of angular guitars, atmospheric bliss, and the rush you get from hearing something special. Thereís not a weak track in the bunch, from the speeding agility of ìAre You Losing Your Mind,î to the sweeping ìAbout The Boyî, to the emotive ìFoolish,î Atlantic Dash prove they have a way with more than one type of song, a fact that bodes well for their longevity. But this band is at its best when the tempo rises, the guitars squall, and their angular pop takes off for the stars, like on ìLeave It All Behindî and ìOpportunity.î Atlantic Dash are built for the long haul, with a pack full of tunes and the mind to diversify. Perhaps they should change their name, as they already seem to know itís a paced marathon, not a dashing sprint.

Atlantic Dash
Fierce Panda

Human Error