Major Mayhem Backstage At WRZX Gig Between SOTY & Godsmack's Crew

Who needs Fred Durst jawing backstage at Scott Stapp when real brawls actually happen? Ugh. I like the verbal ones better. Evidently at WRZXís summer show on Saturday in Noblesville, IN, members of Story Of The Year were roughed up by members of Godsmackís security team. While Godsmack have not issued a statement, Story Of The Year posted this rambling, scathing attack on their site, before it was pulled down earlier today. It is posted below verbatim. Warning: itís not the most pristine bit of writing ever.

Hello everyone. Something pretty amazing happened, and I would like to share it with you...........

Last night, at a Radio Show in Indiana, my band (except for Josh, he was in the shower) and our tour manager was jumped by godsmack's production manager, crew, and security, along with local security. It was a pretty fair fight. The five of us vs. at least ten 200+ pound football reject, jock - coke head fucking piece of shit fucking losers. Almost a fair fight huh? So what did we do to deserve this you're probably wondering? It had to have been something really bad huh? Did we have sex with one of their wives? No, that's not why. Did we steal some of their drugs? No. Not that either. Did we sell their security some bunk steroids?. No. This is the awful thing that we did to get jumped..

The show was in an amphitheater. We made everyone in the crowd jump, and asked everyone in the lawn to come down to the front of the stage. I can totally understand how this might have caused a little bit of a panic for the local security, but the show was sucking, so we had to make it rock. It's not like there was a riot or anything. It ruled. Apparently, godsmack's douche bag fucking production manager and crew didn't like this, so they we're backstage waiting for us......

I'm going to stop the story right there just to reiterate the fact that this was a RADIO SHOW. NOT A FUCKING GODSMACK SHOW. We were not opening for godsmack. We are not on tour with godsmack. The absolute fact of the matter is that neither godsmack's band or crew had any authority or say in anything regarding my band. It was simply none of their fucking business what happened on or off stage during our performance. It's funny that the only people in the whole fucking ordeal that were cool was the damn radio station. No one from WRZX said anything to us. Plus they didn't jump us.

Anyway, we walked off stage excited, because we turned a shitty show into a fucking rock show. Within ten seconds of us finishing our last song, Godsmacks ugly dick faced production manager had his hands all over Dan screaming at him saying "Get the fuck out of here, you're not getting fucking paid" "Who the fuck do you think you are, you're not fucking rock stars"....Dan replied to the guys face "YEAAAAHHHHH ROCK AND ROLL! WAHOOOOO!" This really pissed off the piece of shit production manager. Our tour manager intervened and told the dude not to touch band members. What happens next? Three cro-magnon jock fucks grabs our tour manager and holds him still so one guy could pummel his face. 4 of them jump on Adam and pummel his face. Dan, Phil, and I got hit, but not half as bad as they did. Josh walked off stage and went in the dressing room just 5 seconds before this happened and missed it. I did get to punch a dude in the face a couple of times. That ruled. Dan got to punch their production manager in the face, and Phil, god love Phil...He picked up a metal box and smashed the pussy face production manager in the head with it. I think It's still pretty safe to say we lost though.

Let me again reiterate the fact that no one in godsmack's band or crew had ANY FUCKING RIGHT TO EVEN SAY A WORD TO US. If we were opening for godsmack at one of THEIR lame ass shows or if we were on tour with them, then yeah, they've got the power, it's their show, they're in charge. But even then, kick us off tour, tell us to go home, cuss at us, don't pay us whatever. DON'T PUT YOUR FUCKING GORILLA HANDS ON MY FUCKING BAND. That's not business, that's fucking gang shit.

So we just got jumped putting on a rock show, then to top it off, the fucking cops quarantine us in a 300 degree room while all the fucks who started the fight walked around drinking beer and laughing about it. They totally started the fight, threw the first punches, and WE were fucking held in a room, then held in our bus. Then, the icing on the cake; an inbred cop with a handlebar moustache tells us "he's not putting up with our kind" and "the whole things a joke and he can personally guarantee that nothing will happen to anyone that kicked our ass".... Eat another doughnut you power abusive fucking molester.

So why fuck godsmack? Because their dickface crew jumped us and not one member of that fucking band bothered to come and apologize for it. Sully (the singer) walked by our dressing room, looked at us, and gave us a dirty look. No sorry my hoosier ass crew jumped you. No sorry my band hires irresponsible fucking criminals, Nothing from any of them. Awesome.

It's funny that we played a radio show with all these hard ass new metal bands like godsmack, and they couldn't handle little old storyoftheyear's rock show. Sorry we're not 40 years old and we don't stand on stage like someone is forcing us to. Sorry we love our band and love to put on a show for people who pay 3 million dollars to see a bunch of dorky bands stare at their feet. So they took it upon themselves to jump us. Yeah, so fuck godsmack and their stupid fucking crew, and fuck every steroid using, jock fucking cave man security guard that thinks hitting a dude 200 pounds smaller than him is cool. Eat shit and die you fucking pussies."

Yikes. After this, Story Of The Yearís management, issued this directive.

"Story of The Year's Management Company Incensed with Band's Treatment at the hands of Godsmack's Thuggish Crew

A challenge from John Reese President and Scott Harmon Executive VP has gone out to any 2 members of Godsmack's road crew to organize a UFC style cage match against the two Freeze Management Principals to right the wrong that was done to their band by the Godsmack Crew Thugs!!!! Its amazing to us that these guys felt they needed to pick on a band with five guys who average 140 pounds our response to them is.......


Link to Scott Harmon footage.........................

John Reese


Freeze Artist Management"

If you follow that link, youíll see that Scott Harmon can, letís say, hold his own, in the ring. Whatís the next step in this seriously incendiary situation? Will cooler heads prevail? Will lawyers get involved? Stay tuned to find out.

Major Mayhem Backstage At WRZX Gig Between SOTY & Godsmack's Crew