Creed Breaks Up, Music Fans Cry (Tears Of Joy)

The big story today across the board is the demise of God rockers Creed. Guitarist Mark Tremonti told MTV that the decision was actually made a few months ago. "We (Tremonti and frontman Scott Stapp) got our instruments and played, but neither of us was taking it seriously," he said. "We were just running in circles. There wasn't a vibe like on the previous records. It felt very joblike. We knew that it would take us years to get a record out." (I'll spare you the obvious bad joke about there being a "vibe" on any of their records.) Tremonti went on to say that it wasn't a lack of creative inspiration that led to the split, but instead was a personal issue between singer Stapp and the rest of the band. "Scott and I hadn't been close for a while and things just weren't working out. None of us really argued amongst each other. It was always Scott who had the problem."

Stapp declined to be interviewed by MTV, but he did post a statement on the band's website that read, "Creed was one of the most amazing journeys through music and friendship I am blessed to say I was a part of."

Tremonti, Creed drummer Scott Philips, original Creed bassist Brian Marshall and former Mayfield Four singer/songwriter Myles Kennedy have formed a new project called Alter Bridge. The band will release their debut full length on August 10 through Wind-Up.

If today was opposite day, I would be telling you how upset we all were when reading of Creed's demise. I'd tell you how they were an amazing band who changed rock music for the better and that they're legacy will go down in the annals of rock history. However, today is just a regular day (not opposite day) so instead I'll just say that every time I heard a Creed song on the radio, I changed the station, and every time I saw their dumb videos where Scott Stapp tried to be like Jesus, I changed the channel. How on earth did these guys sell 30 million records world wide? I've never met a single person who will admit to having made that purchase.

Creed Breaks Up, Music Fans Cry (Tears Of Joy)