Postal Service Beatmaker Makes Hip Hop Record

Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel and The Postal Service and Plug Research owner Allen Avanessian have joined forces to produce a hip-hop album under the moniker of Headset. Influenced by the likes of the Neptunes and Timbaland, Tamborello and Avanessian created beats and handled production on the album Space Setting, playing host to a number of (mostly West Coast) MCs, including Non-GENETIC, Rocmon, Lady Dragon, Beans and Subtitle. With Headset, Tamborello takes his first steps into the hip hop realm.

With The Postal Service's debut Give Up, Tamborello created the beats and handled all production, while Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard handled the vocals. The album has sold over 250,000 copies to date for Sub Pop. Tamborello is hoping for similar success with Space Settings. The album will be released on August 24 through Plug Research.


01. "Then Again"? (feat. Non-GENETIC and Rocmon)

02. "Back Before"? (feat. Non-GENETIC)

03. "Outward Sound"

04. "Grasping Claw (The Beginning)"

05. "Grasping Claw"? (feat. Lady Dragon)

06. "Dunno"

07. "Jaw Modulation"? (feat. Beans)

08. "Breath Contralis"? (feat. Subtitle)

09. "Previously Smooth Sophistication"
10. "Sound of a Squint"

Postal Service Beatmaker Makes Hip Hop Record