!!! Want To Make You Dance, Will Prove It Live

Sacramento isnít known for much. Itís the capital of the most important state in the union, monetarily. It houses that stateís talking head leader, Ahnold himself. Itís the hometown of a fairly decent basketball team that canít seem to win when it matters, the Kings. And itís the birthplace of a mighty fine discopunk ensemble known simply as !!!. Formed in 1995, !!! (which can be pronounced ìchk chk chk,î ìuh uh uh,î ìtut tut tut,î or any three repeated short sounds) have been making indie kids shake and shimmy with their discopunk sounds for years and are ready to do it again. Starting June 16 in Boston, the 9-piece indie dance armada will be playing live, rolling through a number of dates in the eastern half of the US, until wrapping the tour in Chicago on June 29. Like to dance? Wanna boogie? Go get your !!! on. Theyíre boogietastic.

06.16.04 - Boston, MA (The Middle East (w/Chinese Stars)

06.17.04 - Providence, RI (The Call (w/Chinese Stars)

06.18.04 - New York City, NY (Bowery Ballroom (w/White Magic)

06.19.04 - Baltimore, MD (The Otto Bar (w/White Magic)

06.20.04 - Washington, DC (The Black Cat (w/White Magic)

06.22.04 - Louisville, KY (Uncle Pleasants)

06.23.04 - Detroit, MI (The Magic Stick)

06.24.04 - Bloomington, IN (The Blue Bird)

06.25.04 - St Louis, MO (Creepy Crawl)

06.26.04 - Columbia, MO (Mojo's)

06.27.04 - Milwaukee, WI (Mad Planet)

06.28.04 - Minneapolis, MN (The Triple Rock)

06.29.04 - Chicago, IL (Logan Square Auditorium)

!!! Want To Make You Dance, Will Prove It Live