Bon Jovi Raises A Million Dollars For John Kerry

Last night, rocker Jon Bon Jovi hosted a fund raiser for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry which raised over a million dollars for the Kerry campaign. According to the Associated Press, more than 300 people attended the shindig, including Meg Ryan, James Gandolfini, Steve Buscemi, and other big names. Kerry was taken to the home of Bon Jovi via helicopter from Atlantic City, where he will be speaking to an AFL-CIO convention today. He told his supporters, "I know it makes a lot of you nervousÖ the idea of my coming here to a fund-raiser, leaving at 8:30 with a million dollars and then 11 o'clock I'm on the news at the blackjack table in Atlantic City. I promise I will not gamble with your money the way George Bush has gambled with the money of this country."

Hopefully, Kerry actually talked about his positions on issues like foreign policy, the war in Iraq and our moronic, continued reliance on Middle Eastern oil instead of just spouting (not so) witty one-liners about Bush being dumb.

Jon Bon Jovi has been met with criticism and even intimidation for his support of Kerry and opposition to Bush. "I've received hate mail at my house. I've had people drive by my home and shout things out," Bon Jovi told his guests. "And I think that they question my patriotism because I decided to stand up and have a voice. And I stood up to have a voice because I think that's the most American thing that you can do."

Might we be looking at a Kerry/Bon Jovi ticket in 2004?

Bon Jovi Raises A Million Dollars For John Kerry