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To The 5 Boroughs

Six long years. Thatís the duration of time that hardcore Beastie Boys fans have had to wait for a new record, but that wait is finally over. With To The 5 Boroughs, the Beasties have returned to their roots, rockiní old-skool electro beats and sparse arrangements, but keeping the witty lyrics and smooth flow that have endeared them to listeners worldwide for almost 20 years. Kicking it off big time with the first single ìCh-Check It Out,î Mike D., Ad-Rock, and MCA show that theyíre back with a vengeance. From 9/11 to their disdain of President Bush, To The 5 Boroughs is full of political material; however, the amusing lyrical content of albums past is still in full effect. Whether showcasing their backwards speaking skills (ìGnip gnopî) and quoting Digital Underground on ì3 The Hard Way,î dropping names like Mr. Belvedere, Jabba the Hutt, Wyle E. Coyote, Carl Sagan and Winnie The Pooh, or frequently referencing Brooklyn, Manhattan, and rest of The Big Apple, the Beasties are on fine form on the record, one that for the first time in ages doesnít feature collaborative efforts. They were just keeping it real this time, just the three brothers. Keeping it really good, evidently.

Beastie Boys

To The 5 Boroughs