Response To Yesterday's Strokes PSA From Y100

Yesterday, I posted a story about The Strokes and their recent "antics" at various radio shows. The intension was more of a tongue in cheek humorous piece rather than a "I hate the Strokes because they break stuff" piece, which some folks interpreted it as. So to be fair, I wanted to post a response I got from Y100 program director Jim McGuinn. Read onÖ

Matt -

Despite allegations that the Strokes can't handle themselves at radio shows, for us they proved to be model examples of rock stars... a wee bit moody perhaps, but very friendly and they played a great set, told us our show had "good vibes," and left the dressing room spotless... except for about 178 cigarette butts from their 4 hours of occupation.



Response To Yesterday's Strokes PSA From Y100