If harmonies galore, Casio-like synths, and good old fashioned songsmithery is your bag, your bag has a new name - CommuniquÈ. The Oakland quintet, who you may be very familiar with due to their inclusion on two Players (the video for ìCross Your Heartî appeared on Player .048, while their stellar new single ìPerfect Weaponî featured on Player .051), formed from the ashes of Bay Area punk act American Steel, but their sound has progressed by leaps and bounds since that bandís dissolution. CommuniquÈís debut long-player for Lookout! Records has been coined Poison Arrows, and while that may or may not be a reference to ABCís song of the same name, the sound of the new album could be described as a modern take on that classic 1980s synthpop sound. The aforementioned first single ìPerfect Weapon,î is a hook-laden synth-heavy joint that mixes ELO with that ë80s influence, ìMy Bayî is a bouncy ode to the bandís home region, and if ìDeath Rattle Danceî is the sound of anyoneís death bed, thatís how I want to go out, all chiming guitars, melodies aplenty and poptastic goodness to spare. Lookout! have branched out past their punk rock roots into any sound they find credible and CommuniquÈ are out to show the public exactly why that faith is justifiable.

Lookout! Records

Poison Arrows