Live - The Killers Kill It With The Money Note In NYC

The Killers have done it. The Las Vegas quartet took this whole ë80s revival and wrote songs for the masses. Donít hate them for that because The Killers are here to stay, tapping everyoneís feet along the way.

The key to the sound of this band is the ìmoney note.î If you arenít familiar with the ìmoney note,î itís the note or part in the song where the crowd all feels it in the pit of your stomach. The sound never leaves your head and you end up singing it the entire way home and wake up humming it in the shower. Record executives all across this great land supposedly have the ear to hear this in music and hope that it catches on. Oh, itís caught on all right, with the other side of the pond already showering them with praise and records sold. Next up, the U S of A. The Killers have their ìmoney noteî with ìSomebody Told Meî, the first single from their debut Island release, Hot Fuss.

Last night, they performed at the small and intimate Mercury Lounge in NYC for a hotbed of hipsters and high rollers. The set was similar to previous shows of showcasing the latest album and playing the UK singles for the kids. They did not disappoint anyone with a set strong starting with ìJenny Was a Friend of Mineî and in turn the crowd started dancing and clapping along. My one reservation with seeing bands for the first time is wondering whether they can pull it off live. True to the hype, The Killers spend more time in the practice room than on the slot machines. The band is tight as a machine: one- note riffs by guitarist David Keuning, steady and sure bass playing by Mark Stoermer, Gonzo-induced drumming by Ronnie Vannucci, and for the ladies, singer Brandon Flowers. When the band started ìSomebody Told Meî the place erupted to a fever pitch and everyone seemed a bit taller trying to catch of glimpse on the tips of their toes. For most bands playing their first single they sometimes seem tired and bored. Picture the middle of a third encore by Aerosmith performing ìDream Onî. Not so here, with the swagger of Brandon giving it his all as a preacher delivering a sermon to his disciples. Those same disciples at the Mercury Lounge have already told their friends they just saw The Killers. Itís spreading my friends, come along for the ride. Have you heard the next single ìMr. Brightsideî? That shitís money.

Source: Tom Mullen

Live - The Killers Kill It With The Money Note In NYC