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Long Gone Before Daylight

Lone gone are the sugary-sweet pop delights of early Life-era material like ìCarnival.î Long gone are the Top-40-esque vibes of ìLovefool.î Long Gone Before Daylight, however, is the new record from The Cardigans. The Swedes may not be partaking in tooth-decayingly sweet songs any longer, but that doesnít mean theyíve lost their songwriting touch. In all actuality, theyíve still got songs by the bucketful - they just tend to have more of a country feel to them these days. Thatís not the case for the entirety of Long Gone Before Daylight, as on the rocking ìA Good Horseî and ìPlease Sister.î But, as with first single ìFor What Itís Worth,î sweeping ballad and second single ìYouíre The Storm,î ìIf There Is A Chance,î and album opener ìCommunication,î The Cardigans are in a country state of mind, down to the slower pace. Nina Perssonís vocals are still as note-perfect and clean as ever, but the guitars twang, harmonicas are in evidence and The Cardigans are taking their career in a different direction, almost in a Mojave 3-like bent. Itís different, but that doesnít make it wrong ñ delve into The Cardigans 2004 and behold the depth within.

The Cardigans
Koch Records

Long Gone Before Daylight