Live - The Fever Infect Chicago, Sweating And Dancing Ensue

Last Friday (6/25), New York's The Fever ventured to one of the few remaining true hipster hang out rock venues in Chicago to unleash an hour's worth of blistering rock/dance/punk/new wave tunes. The Empty Bottle crowd, not known for their overly enthusiastic ass shaking, seemed atypically excited to spend the night with the Fever. The band, in the midst of a nationwide tour, were just happy to have made it out of Ohio alive.

The Fever took the stage for a brief instrumental jam before frontman Geremy Jasper stepped out from behind the keyboards to take his rightful position at center stage. Saying only, "We're The Fever from New York," Jasper and company launched in to what would be an incredibly high-energy set.

In a live setting, The Fever's songs took on an even more raw and passionate persona than the already emblazoned album cuts. Guitarist Sanchez Esquire, afro in tow, shredded the shit out of his axe, ripping through his unorthodox solos with sweaty precision. Jasper was even more impassioned during the set. He dashed back and forth, jumped and hung from the low-hanging overhead speakers, all the while howling from the deepest, darkest parts of his being.

The band dipped pretty deep into their bag of tricks as well, playing a few songs from their Pink On Pink EP and a few "older" ones that were probably pulled from a mysterious self-released album that I only just found out existed. Most of my favorites however, were taken from the band's official debut full length, Red Bedroom. "Artificial Hearts," "Cold Blooded," and the first single, "Gray Ghost" all stood out from the rest, but none however, more so than "Lady Fingers." The band closed with this song and absolutely blew the roof of the joint. It is an absolute smash, so be sure to check it out.

The Fever encored with a an appropriate R. Kelly cover. I don't think the majority of the people got the joke, but I thought it was pretty funny. The Fever will be on tour through July 17, when they wrap things up at the Siren Music festival on Coney Island. Catch them if you can.

Live - The Fever Infect Chicago, Sweating And Dancing Ensue