Daron Malakian Sheds Light On System Of A Down Recording Status

Armenian folk-metal mavens System Of A Down are moving forward in their quest to record their fourth album. The record, their first since 2002ís Steal This Album, does not yet have a release date, but we can tell you a few things about it. First off, according to axeman Daron Malakian, the record has a very wide range of influences. They ìrange from Kraftwerk to Dark Throne to the Zombies to the Beach Boys, but it all fits together,
it works.î The band have relocated for recording, from their usual North Hollywood rehearsal locale to a private home studio in the Hollywood hills. ìWeíve always recorded in
traditional studios, but this was a good move. Itís a great place, itís not
sterile and there are beautiful grounds to venture into,î Malakian added. He went on to say that the album would even be recorded differently this go round, with only the songs that make the album being recorded. In his own words, "We'll play a song through and record it, listen to it
and decide what could make it even better - repeat a chorus, simple
rearrangement, we all spark off of each other. Some of the new songs have
really great moments, we want to make the entire song a really great
moment." How great will the moments be? Once the release date is set, weíll be that much closer to knowing.

Daron Malakian Sheds Light On System Of A Down Recording Status